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monsieur antichrist imnida
he has no soul, gentlemen of the jury.
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hello everyone!

it has been a while since i spoke to you all. i know that the sudden disappearance of my fic without explanation may seem surprising to some of you. i honestly never planned to take it down. however, due to some sudden realizations and unfortunate events and not really feeling up to par among other things, i've decided to do so. if you wish to read it, that might still be possible. you can email me at parkourdeer@gmail.com to ask about it.

as most of my fic was exchange fic and i'm having a hard time tracking down the old exchange mods, you may still be able to view some of my fic on the exchange journals they were posted on. however, i beg you to not save it or redistribute it—i promise that if you email me, i will respond. additionally, i don't have the heart to ask the translators who previously translated my fic to take the translations down, so if you speak spanish, russian, or thai, you may still be in luck! again, i implore you not to save or share the fic without my permission. (if you were a translator for my fic, and you are reading this, please consider taking the fic down. i'll leave it up to you since the hard work of translating was yours!)

i'm not sure if this is a permanent change or not. if you want to ask me anything, please contact me via email.

thank you to everyone who has supported me all this time. all your comments, silent appreciation, fic rec links, tweets, reblogs have meant so much to me and have made me so proud and happy. contributing to the exo ficdom will always be something that i look back on fondly, despite this sudden end. for those of you who regularly read and commented on my fic (including my favorite emails), please don't be a stranger! i check my email quite regularly and plan to do so for a very long time to come.

sincerely yours,
justin / parkourdeer

unfortunately, what i am about to post is obviously not a fic. i do apologize for not posting any fic since, what, january, as i'm aware that's quite unusual for me because before that i'd basically been posting fic every month or so. i mean, i suppose i shouldn't apologize because many people in this fandom feel that they're entitled to fic from writers and that isn't a mentality that should be supported in any way, but i just want to acknowledge all the support i've had. i'm lucky to have people who constantly return to read my fic and to have befriended many of those who found me through my writing, and i feel that in some way, by not really even stating that i wouldn't be posting fic for a while, i've not shown you the appreciation that i want to express to you all for reading, recommending, commenting, and re-reading my fic and always coming to my journal. you really have no idea how much it means to me.

aside from the writing slump, i want to assure you that there will still be one, or two, or maybe more fics posted from now on, depending on how inspiration goes. i still owe an erf to a friend of mine (my wonderful totaolly recipient; apologies for how late this is becoming, ugh) and have yet to post the finished version (or even finish lmao) my deer of dawn fic. i even actually have a series i've been meaning to write for ages (just kidding... i have two series i've been meaning to write for ages). however, this is not the main thing i wanted to get to.

the main thing i wanted to get to is actually rather short. due to many reasons, i'm looking to sell my kyungsoo photobooks to other fans who might better appreciate them. this isn't to say my love for kyungsoo or for exo has decreased in the least, but as many of you know, i'm heading off to college now and won't have anywhere to put them, and i also need money for textbooks and, idk, it won't nearly be enough but i want to get started on repaying my parents for all that they've done for me (despite my endless complaints about them, lmaooooo). i would appreciate it so, so, so much if all of you could take just a couple moments to reblog this tumblr post and retweet this tweet so as to get the word out (or, if you're interested, buy a photobook for yourself ^^). i have a lot of mixed feelings about posting this on my fic journal, but i do need to spread this around and it would mean a lot if you'd do me this little favor!

anyway, that was my main point but i suppose i did want to take the time to thank everyone. i was reading over all the comments you guys have given me over the past two years and i am so truly grateful for your readership and love. thank you so much, and i hope y'all keep your boats floating!

your favorite royal riceball,
justin nunnybutt

EDIT: i feel bad just posting this it must be kinda disappointing so ;; i haven't written any fic recently but i do have some profic lying around that maybe might satiate your reading needs if you so wish? that would be here and also i have a published short story in here but ofc! this is less promotional than it is... that i just feel like i should give you guys something i guess orz. thank you again!
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