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monsieur antichrist imnida
he has no soul, gentlemen of the jury.
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Title: Bloodstained Dewdrops (and Other Darwinian Phenomena)
Pairings: Kai/D.O, past!Suho/Chen
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Horror
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~6.6k
Summary: There are more ways to worship than you think.

(A/N: This was written for the 2015 round of kyungsooperior! It was originally intended, of course, to be only Kaisoo, but the focus of the fic derailed a little in the process (though I'd still consider it a Kaisoo fic). I hope that doesn't take away too much from whether or not you enjoy it! Also, this was a fic idea that was in the running since even before I finished Athanasia, so it's great to finally get this out there. Happy Kyungsooperior everyone~)

“I didn’t come here for this.” Kyungsoo is shaking now, back against the wall. He sinks down to the floor, curling up, trying to be as small as possible. “I want to go home.”Collapse )
Title: The Wild and the Wicked
Pairings: Luhan/Kai, Bros-to-the-Max!Kai/D.O
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Tragedy(? idk it's not finished yet), Comedy, ~*~Social Justice~*~
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~9.2k out of lord knows how much, may eventually be three parts
Summary: To survive, Luhan realizes, is merely to run from one present to the next.

(A/N: This was written for carpepartem during the first round (yes, the 2014 one, basically eons ago) of deerofdawn! It's currently... still unfinished, and it's got a long way to go, but it's been stalling more and more recently and I want to push myself to finish it at some point so here I am, posting the first part. I think this is one of my more ambitious projects (first of all I haven't written anything this long in a while, nor have I spent this much time on anything ever, nor is it my usual style of writing) and it will be quite long term, so I'm not sure when you should expect the next part, but honestly for the sake of my integrity and sanity I hope it's within the next two months or, generously, by the end of winter break. Of course, given that this is my most(?) ambitious project yet, it may be completely unrecognizable by the time I present it once more and I'll repost both parts and you'll have to start reading it alllllll over again (or realize that this is absolute nonsense, see the light, and stop reading my writing altogether). Sorry for the long A/N—tl;dr: should you decide to read this mess, please have fun!)

He took that infinity in his hands and threw them into the black sky behind his eyelids, watching how the stars twinkled, and searched desperately for home.Collapse )
unfortunately, what i am about to post is obviously not a fic. i do apologize for not posting any fic since, what, january, as i'm aware that's quite unusual for me because before that i'd basically been posting fic every month or so. i mean, i suppose i shouldn't apologize because many people in this fandom feel that they're entitled to fic from writers and that isn't a mentality that should be supported in any way, but i just want to acknowledge all the support i've had. i'm lucky to have people who constantly return to read my fic and to have befriended many of those who found me through my writing, and i feel that in some way, by not really even stating that i wouldn't be posting fic for a while, i've not shown you the appreciation that i want to express to you all for reading, recommending, commenting, and re-reading my fic and always coming to my journal. you really have no idea how much it means to me.

aside from the writing slump, i want to assure you that there will still be one, or two, or maybe more fics posted from now on, depending on how inspiration goes. i still owe an erf to a friend of mine (my wonderful totaolly recipient; apologies for how late this is becoming, ugh) and have yet to post the finished version (or even finish lmao) my deer of dawn fic. i even actually have a series i've been meaning to write for ages (just kidding... i have two series i've been meaning to write for ages). however, this is not the main thing i wanted to get to.

the main thing i wanted to get to is actually rather short. due to many reasons, i'm looking to sell my kyungsoo photobooks to other fans who might better appreciate them. this isn't to say my love for kyungsoo or for exo has decreased in the least, but as many of you know, i'm heading off to college now and won't have anywhere to put them, and i also need money for textbooks and, idk, it won't nearly be enough but i want to get started on repaying my parents for all that they've done for me (despite my endless complaints about them, lmaooooo). i would appreciate it so, so, so much if all of you could take just a couple moments to reblog this tumblr post and retweet this tweet so as to get the word out (or, if you're interested, buy a photobook for yourself ^^). i have a lot of mixed feelings about posting this on my fic journal, but i do need to spread this around and it would mean a lot if you'd do me this little favor!

anyway, that was my main point but i suppose i did want to take the time to thank everyone. i was reading over all the comments you guys have given me over the past two years and i am so truly grateful for your readership and love. thank you so much, and i hope y'all keep your boats floating!

your favorite royal riceball,
justin nunnybutt

EDIT: i feel bad just posting this it must be kinda disappointing so ;; i haven't written any fic recently but i do have some profic lying around that maybe might satiate your reading needs if you so wish? that would be here and also i have a published short story in here but ofc! this is less promotional than it is... that i just feel like i should give you guys something i guess orz. thank you again!
Title: Babe-raham Lincoln
Pairings: Kaisoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~2.9k
Summary: And maybe Do Kyungsoo, the President's son, did like history pick-up lines.

(A/N: This was a pinch-hit for jjokkomi during the second round of sooheaven! This was entirely different than what I usually write, but it was fun regardless! I'm glad my recipient enjoyed it and that it brought smiles to the people who commented on the sooheaven post~)

That was one thing he had in common with Jesus Christ. The other was that even Jesus Christ would not be able to touch the President’s son.Collapse )
Title: Once Upon a Withered Rose
Pairing: Kaisoo, ex-player!Jongin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~5k
Summary: Jongin learns the long-winded way never to pity those who know how to handle fragile things.

(A/N: Written for expressoo during sncj_santa! Thank you so much for your prompt. Though I might actually still edit the very end more later (not... too fond of it, lmao), I don't plan on making any changes to it for a while so here we are~)

“Our hands fit together like puzzle pieces, and we’re just a two piece puzzle. Don’t ever leave me incomplete.”Collapse )
12 17 14 - Tequila Sunrise
Title: Tequila Sunrise
Pairings: Kaisoo, fake!Hansoo, implied!Taohan or Hanxing (whichever suits your fancy)
Rating: R
Genre: ?????? Weird and not quality
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~4.3k
Summary: That beautiful tequila sunrise always comes with a little blood on the horizon.

(A/N: Written for annafeu during the kaisoommer exchange ^^ I would have posted it sooner but at the time, I was a little worried about what reactions the fic might garner and such, as well as the quality since it was so rushed (still worried about it tbh, and though I may or may not revamp it in the future, I figured I should crosspost since I won't be doing more work on it anytime soon) ;; Shame on me for staying anonymous in my own exchange OTL. But! I'm really glad my recipient liked it, so endless thanks to you for the kind comment and the prompts ^^)

On the way out, Kyungsoo slips the handgun into Luhan’s pocket.Collapse )
11 28 14 - hello friends!
i hope you are all doing well! i may have... forgotten to mention at some point that i would be going on a hiatus until january, with the exception of the SNCJ secret santa event and sporadic pinch-hits for select exchanges in appropriate time frames, due to college apps, but for those of you (probably not many, but if this is you, i appreciate your existence a lot!) who have been wondering where i've been, that's the reason heh. (was that all one sentence. it was. kill me.)

i also... did a new thing this year, which is this holiday meme thing that i was too confused and newb-ish to know about/participate in last year, and i have no idea how it works (because i'm still confused and newb-ish) but yes!! here is a thing in case u feel like it's something you might like to do ^^ thank u for reading! and visiting my lj in the first place! ilu all <3

holiday love meme 2014
my thread here (thank you in advance!!)

((((p.s. i know there were some people who asked for my twitter before and who i promised i'd follow when i reactivated my twitter but i... can't remember who and i've lost track so i'm back briefly until 12/1 and if you're one of these people then i am here!))))
Title: (What Could Have Been) On Three-Oh-Eight Winchester
Pairings: Chansoo, implied!Kaisoo prior to events in fic
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Tragedy? I actually have no clue.
Warnings: Hover
Length: ~5.3k
Summary: This is the story of Do Kyungsoo, the assassin who witnessed the world end—twice.

(A/N: Written for chanmimi during the yeolliepopday exchange ^^ Someday when I have more time I might do a rewrite of this uwu this was like my third attempt with this fic that I started the day it was due because I had been a little too ambitious with my ideas for the story OTL. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed it, and that everyone who reads it in the future will enjoy it as well! All the thank-you's to the mooncake goddess, who beta'd this for me on Extremely Short Notice.)

People cannot be welded back together, and this is the beginning of the end. This is game over.Collapse )
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